The Third Mind - Consequences - no copy.jpg

SWL007 - THE THIRD MIND - Part 1

Jauge / Morris Cowan / Owls / SnowSkull


The Third Mind is a collaborative project comprising of music artists Jauge, Morris Cowan and OWLS alongside visual artist SnowSkull.

The project is influenced by the ‘cut-up’ technique (or découpé in French), a Dadaist literary technique where existing text is cut-up and rearranged to create a new output. Although this technique can be traced back to the 1920’s, the creation of ‘Consequences’ breathes new life into this format by overlaying the technique to an electronic music and visual arts partnership.

The Third Mind, is the name for a longer term project that will include the Jauge, Morris Cowan, OWLS, SnowSkull and a selection of visual artists in the Sleep / Walk / Listen network.

The name comes directly from this setup: 'Third' – relating to the three music artists involved ‘Mind’ - relating to Sleep / Walk / Listen and SnowSkull's artwork for the partnership.





I wanted the artwork to represent the process that was used to create the track. The style resembles that of a sketchbook, where ideas were added and developed as a new element was added to the music. To consolidate the theme, cuttings from a William Burroughs book were used to doth a cap at the cut-up technique.
— SnowSkull