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Tim Paris is a refined selector whose output draws upon a wide array of musical genres to create a rich cinematic tapestry. 

Paris' broad musical versing can be seen cemented across the body of his studio based productions.

“For this mix, I wanted to blur the lines between vintage and modern music. There are tracks in here which sound old but they aren't, and the opposite is true too. I had this idea with Jimbo that our work should reflect all these different inspirations and influences, in a way we both did some kind of montage. 

I have used many pieces of different records that I sometimes mix together, and there are also some little pieces I wrote myself and were never released. 

The visual should be engaging, it needs to trigger the desire to listen to the music.”


SWL006 - aN audio mix




A limited edition gicleé print of Studio Jimbo's artwork for the SWL006 partnership.
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Studio Jimbo's brooding, dark works find life throughout his event based poster artworks. 

Paris based Studio Jimbo, seamlessly intertwines iconic typographies into his works, that play with and speak to his electric palettes and staggered backdrops.

"Music completely influences my artwork. Music in a club can completely immerse you, you feel it and live it. The bass, lights, smoke, vjing - I try to capture this mood and try to translate it into my work.

For this piece, I've tried to make a visual about how I feel music. To me it's like something sacral. Here there are the hands of someone feeling the music, and something holy happens. But you're in the first person perspective, looking at your own hands as you feel the music. And the two women are here to take care of you, like angels."