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SWL005 / Egokind & Ozean


It’s safe to say that Berlin based production duo Egokind & Ozean are a rising quantity.

Boasting production abilities beyond their years, their musical output straddles techno, ambient and bass genres effortlessly, whilst retaining class, style and originality.

A rich cinematic atmosphere lives throughout their music, crafted from a passion for audio textures and carefully selected tonal palettes. This allows Egokind & Ozean to sit above contemporaries in their field.

We are hugely privileged to work with such a talented pair at what will be sure to prove a pivotal point in their careers.

Egokind & Ozean are the music artist partners for the SWL005 partnership.


SWL005 - aN audio mix




A limited edition Gicleé print of SnowSkull's artwork for the SWL005 partnership.
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"When I listened to the mix, I felt that the selection was beautifully crafted, almost mechanical, but filled with expressive, spacious tracks. The mix takes the listener far away on a journey, almost into a deep-black-space night.

The painting is the other world that the music takes you to, the black represents the deepness and spacious sounds.

The burst of colours and textures are the rhythm's that pulsate through the mix.

The moon represents progression. There's a beginning and an end to every piece of music. I wanted to reflect this influence with a motif that is explicitly linked to time."