swl003 / broke one

(rbma / white forest)

Broke One cut his teeth spinning an array of house and bass heavy tracks in the early 2000's. Influences that he took into his early studio sessions, that remain present in his sound today.

In 2011, Broke One won a place in the Red Bull Music Academy, a badge of honour that can be worn by only a handful of talented musicians and producers. This experience enabled him to gain a greater understanding of his sound and opened up opportunities to write and collaborate with like minded artists.

Four years on and Broke One has continued along this trajectory, releasing a string of crucial singles and remixes that have been supported and played out by some of electronic music's finest.

It is with great pleasure that we present Broke One as the SWL003 music partner.


SWL003 - an 80 minute audio mix


SWLTRX001 - 'Flashes Before Your Eyes'

An original composition for the SWL003 partnership




'Flashes Before Your Eyes'
A limited edition gicleé print of SnowSkull's artwork for the SWL003 partnership.
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"Creative discussions began between myself and Fabio [Broke One] about how the SWL003 artwork should replicate the 'Flashes Before Your Eyes' theme, and what this meant to each of us.

I added an abstract eye as an element of the final piece and worked in different combinations of colour in front of this, like our lives actually flashing before our eyes.The image is a split second, frozen in time, like our lives being both significant and insignificant at the same time in existence.

It was exciting to take influence from music with so much texture and also to have a vivid title to work with and explore. I know that Fabio has faith in what I do so I felt relaxed and free to express myself without boundaries."



miles warren


Miles has created an interactive video piece for the SWL003 partnership that takes influence from the different elements of SnowSkull's artwork.

The app listens to Broke One's 'Flashes Before Your Eyes' composition and reacts to it, twisting and warping meshes of SnowSkull's artwork, giving the user a different visual experience each time the app is opened.

Click here to download the interactive video experience - Mac OS only