swl002 / CHYMERA

(Delsin / Ovum / Cocoon)

Irishman, Chymera hails from Cork but now resides in electronic music capital, Berlin.

His productions fit comfortably between house and techno and straddle the line between deeper cuts and dancefloor focused creations. Over the past decade, Chymera has honed his style and received deserved respect from a plethora of genre defining labels, including Delsin, Ovum and Cocoon.

A performer on the international stage, his energetic live and DJ sets have taken him to all corners of the world to play at some of the most respected clubs and festivals.

It is with great pleasure that we present Chymera as the music partner for the second Sleep / Walk / Listen partnership - SWL002.







"I had heard the odd track by Chymera, but it wasn't until I stumbled upon a couple of his mixes that I really became a fan and started to take notice of what he was doing. For me, the greatest compliment you can pay to a piece of music or mix, is that it has the ability to take you somewhere - somewhere beyond our common experience of life. 

His productions and sets definitely take you on a journey somewhere. I wanted this artwork to represent this alternate dimension - something that exists beyond the three dimensional physical realm."



next door films / snowskull

Featuring the music of Merrin Karras, with the track 'Apex' (Dado Records)