swl004 / john tejada

(palette recordings / kompakt)

John Tejada is one of techno's shining beacons. His productions span more than 20 years, and cross a variety of genres and tempos, yet all still retain his unique sound.

Tejada has released music on some of electronic music's finest labels, including Kompakt, Poker Flat and 7th City. Not content with these achievements alone, Tejada runs and releases through his own label; Palette Recordings.

Between 1991 and 1997 John Tejada recorded all of his music to DAT tape. We are honoured to be able to give you Tejada's mix for the SWL004 partnership, containing 15 of these unreleased tracks, made between 1994 and 1996.

You can also listen to and download one of the tracks from the mix below - SWLTRX002 - John Tejada - 'Silver Fears'


SWL004 - a 60 minute audio mix


SWLTRX002 John Tejada 'Silver Fears' (1995)